AlphaPoint Brings HFT to Bitcoin

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AlphaPoint Brings HFT to Bitcoin

As the fintech spaces continues to broaden digital currency infrastructure, it seems today we have taken another step forward towards wider integration. High-frequency trading has long been at the core of foreign exchange and other equities markets, and it was only a matter of time before the company came up with the technology that would bring bitcoin up to speed with HFT.
The company – AlphaPoint – has developed a white label financial technology platform that can handle HFT in the digital currency space. The company stated:
Bitcoin’s massive growth has created a need for infrastructure that is scalable and reliable…(we are) leveraging high-frequency trading expertise from the development of fintech solutions used by UBS and Deutsche bank to deliver a secure solution.
The move should strengthen the foundations of mainstream acceptance, as it will increase the liquidity with which BTC and other digital currencies can be traded and – in turn – enable hassle-free conversion between fiat and crypto for both merchants and payment processors. In addition, it should also speed up Wall Street’s adoption of digital currency – something that, while perhaps controversial, may be the catalyst behind a wave of institutional investment into the digital currency space.
Is this a step in the right direction for bitcoin? Let us know what you think…
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