Atlas ATS Exchange Unveils "Price Lock Guarantee" Feature

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Atlas ATS Exchange Unveils "Price Lock Guarantee" Feature

Ask any trader what makes the trading of bitcoin so exhilarating, and they will probably tell you the volatility plays a huge part in it. The price of bitcoin is known to go up or down indiscriminately in the double digits, making it a means of easily making money by trading — or losing it.
But exchange Atlas ATS is hoping to offer traders some protection against this volatility with the introduction of a “price lock guarantee” feature that can lock a quoted price for up to sixty seconds, eliminating the need to execute the trade right away.
This new feature is especially useful for companies operating in the bitcoin space, such as retailers, online payment processors, and bitcoin ATM operators that quote bitcoin prices themselves to customers.
This barrier of protection will increase the chances of businesses locking in profits when they quote bitcoin prices by reducing the risk of exposure to the bitcoin markets.
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“The price lock guarantee for payment processors and merchants is the lynchpin of success for digital currencies such as Bitcoin,” said Atlas ATS co-founder and CEO Shawn Sloves. “The true value of digital currencies lies in their ability to allow people to transfer funds, from very small amounts to very large ones, very quickly and at little or no cost. Digital currencies increase efficiency and decrease costs for merchants across the globe. But merchants and payment processors aren’t going to accept a currency if they have to accept a lot of short-term risk along with it. They want to know that the currency’s value is stable, at least for the amount of time it takes them to convert back to the currency of their choice. Atlas ATS’s price lock guarantee offers merchants and payment processors that needed stability.”
Atlas ATS says the price lock feature is designed for direct settlement, and clients looking to take advantage of the feature can enter agreements directly with market makers. This will allow the parties involved to settle directly with each other on a weekly basis, preventing the tie up of capital on the exchange.
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