Bitcoin ATM Comes to Bristol, United Kingdom

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Bitcoin ATM Comes to Bristol, United Kingdom

There’s a new bitcoin ATM available for the use of residents in Bristol, United Kingdom — not too far outside of London.
Operated by Satoshi Point LTD, the bitcoin ATM is installed at the Superfoods healthy fast food establishment, located in Bristol’s center on St. Stephens Street.
In support of the launch, there was said to have been a large crowd gathering, with food, drinks, and music on-hand to keep attendees happy.
The device itself is manufactured by Robocoin of Las Vegas, Nevada, and charges a 5 percent fee over rates from the Bitstamp exchange.
This is one of three machines Satoshi Point has plans to launch three bitcoin ATMs (all Robocoin brand) in the United Kingdom. Most recently the company held a launch party at the Old Street London Underground shopping concourse at Nincomsoup (a business).
It highlights an interesting expansion of bitcoin usage in the United Kingdom, with some going so far as to say that the country could be the next big Mecca for the flourishing digital currency.
Additionally, we learned this week that the Financial Conduct Authority in the country was seeking to help new bitcoin businesses grow by keeping crippling regulation at a minimum.
Satoshi Points hopes to continue growing their bitcoin ATM network in the country.
If you would like more information on the recent launch of Satoshi Point’s bitcoin ATM in Bristol, Renegade Investor has a great write-up of the event.
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