Bitcoin Brings Paymium and Ingenico Together

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Bitcoin Brings Paymium and Ingenico Together

Bitcoin payments provider Paymium has teamed up to partner with Ingenico, a world leader in the department of payment terminals, and bitcoin is now being added to its list of financial options.
EVP global sales and marketing at Ingenico Group Michel Leger expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

“We are very pleased to partner with Paymium to enrich our dedicated Business Applications Marketplace.  This allows us to bring more value to merchants through our terminals, enabling them to offer their customers a new experience.”

Currently, Ingenico holds 80 offices in more than 125 different countries.  Quite a lot of space for one company, wouldn’t you say?  It also claims to hold approximately 22 million POS terminals installed all over the globe and annual revenue of 1.3 billion euros.
Paymium is a European payments provider that boasts 100 percent cold storage, the safest level of storage for any customer’s currency.  All private keys are held in bank vaults across a number of cities.  The exchange has created a special app that is being hosted on the Telium Tetra Marketplace, a payment application suite that has been developed by Ingenico solely for its POS terminals.  The app allows the acceptance of bitcoin amongst customers and can also transfer these bitcoins into euros.
Furthermore, $3.5 billion transactions are processed each year through Ingenico.  Ironically, the Telium Tetra models are still fairly new, having only been released in September of 2014, and while the marketplace only makes up for a small percentage of the company’s profits, this is expected to increase over time.
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