'Bitcoin: Buenos Aires' Documentary Now Available For Viewing

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'Bitcoin: Buenos Aires' Documentary Now Available For Viewing

If you’re the type that enjoys consuming bitcoin-related media, you may be interested to learn that there’s a new documentary out on the topic called Bitcoin: Buenos Aires.
Produced by TheProtocol.TV, the film takes a look at the development of bitcoin in Argentina — a country suffering from a devaluing currency in the amount of about thirty percent annually.
Here’s an official description of the film from the website:
[blockquote style=”2″]Filmed over three days at the beginning of July in Argentina, “Bitcoin: Buenos Aires” provides a never before seen glimpse into the heart of the preeminent Bitcoin development center in the world. Set to the backdrop of Argentina’s looming sovereign default, award-winning filmmaker Valerian Bennett meets with some of the leading voices in the local community (Bitcoin Embassy, BitPay, BitPagos, Bitex.la) and uncovers what makes Buenos Aires undeniably unique in the Bitcoin universe.[/blockquote]
[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzBHeSzdhyY#t=37″]
Here’s the thing: it’s not free. You can watch the first two minutes in the clip above from YouTube, but the full film runs a bit longer.
If paying with bitcoin, a copy of the film will run you at $2. If paying by legacy methods such as credit/debit/PayPal, you’re looking at paying $3.
But there’s also a “choose your price” method of obtaining the film, in which TheProtocol.TV provides a torrent link and allows the consumer to determine how much they think the film is worth.
For more information on the movie, follow this link.
Source : http://www.newsbtc.com/2014/09/23/bitcoin-buenos-aires-documentary-now-available-viewing/

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