Bitcoin France Joins as Tenth Bitcoin Foundation Chapter Affiliate

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Bitcoin France Joins as Tenth Bitcoin Foundation Chapter Affiliate

The Bitcoin Foundation is adding affiliates like there’s no tomorrow.
The organization on Wednesday announced the addition of their tenth affiliate, Bitcoin France. The affiliate will “join the [Bitcoin Foundation’s] growing international network of leaders providing education to local media, merchants, consumers, policy-makers and regulatory agencies.”
At the helm of Bitcoin France is Mr. Philippe Rodriguez, serving as President. Thomas France will join as a Treasurer, and Pierre Noizat will take the position of Secretary General.
On the board: Thomas Voegtlin, Gonzague Grandval, David François, and Eric Larchevêque.
On the addition of the affiliate, Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis said, “France is a country where liberty ranks high as a top value, making the country fertile ground for innovative services and companies using the Bitcoin protocol.”
“We are delighted to join forces with the Bitcoin Foundation to promote the Bitcoin protocol and educate policy-makers in France,” adds President Rodriguez. “We deeply believe that bitcoin has the potential to disrupt not only part of the financial system as we know it, but, down the road, other markets where trust in a central organization is the current status quo.”
The addition of Bitcoin France makes sense, too. According to the Bitcoin Foundation, France ranks fourth globally when it comes to active bitcoin nodes, so there’s a slew of cryptocurrency activity taking place within its borders.
Here’s a list of all affiliates added to date:

  1. Australia
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Canada
  4. Denmark
  5. France
  6. Germany
  7. Mexico
  8. Netherlands
  9. Romania
  10. Slovenia

Interesting, the Bangladesh chapter recently announced they would be halting operations temporarily in the wake of a controversial threat issued by the Bangladeshi government to users of bitcoin (potentially 12 years in prison if caught).
For more information on Bitcoin France, here’s a link to their website.
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