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Bitcoin has emerged as a pioneering philanthropy tool essentially because it removes all the middlemen and hence, provides more end-value to the receiver. Several leading non-profits have also started embracing Bitcoin as a mode of soliciting donations. And now it has been learnt that the digital currency has become ‘a beacon of hope’ for the afghan girls.
Fereshteh Forough, a founder member of the Afghanistan-based non-governmental organization Digital Citizen Fund (earlier called Women’s Annex Foundation), is passionately working in the field of women empowerment.
Formally the first advocate of Bitcoin use in Afghanistan, Fereshteh is striving to help the Afghan women by sharing her knowledge in technology to make them technical literate. She is imparting coding skills, which helps them in securing work online and getting paid via Bitcoin.
We are going to empower girls online without being worried of physical and geographical distances. They come online, they work online and they get paid online.
Fereshteh is the Founder and the CEO of Code to Inspire, a non-profit for helping the women become technically literate and financially independent.
Through this non-profit, social skills and practical hands-on experience is also provided to the ladies so that they do not lose out in the dynamic online industry.
Forough says,
Every single girl in our lab will also have an opportunity to access education and digital literacy and they will become ambassadors of peace, freedom, creativity and innovation. That is what Code to Inspire is about.
But, this noble project needs your support to succeed. Code to Inspire is running an Indiegogo campaignwith an aim to raise $20,000. In case, you were considering how to spend your spare Bitcoin the best possible way, this may be a worthy option to consider.
You can stay connected with their latest works and developments via Facebook or via Twitter: @codetoinspire.
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