Bitcoin Job Fair – Are Seekers Behind Fools Gold?

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Bitcoin Job Fair – Are Seekers Behind Fools Gold?

The awareness about Bitcoin and growth of the Bitcoin industry is becoming more evident day by day. The recently held Bitcoin job fair is a shining example of what the Bitcoin industry is moving towards. The second edition of Bitcoin job fair, held at the Plug and Play Tech Center saw a huge turnout of both Bitcoin businesses and job seekers.
Unlike last year’s event, most of the startups attending this year’s job fair were well funded with products in advanced stages of development. Both big businesses and startups competed on par with each other to hire the talents available at these job fairs.  Some of the companies that participated in the job fair included BitPay, BitGo, 21 Inc and ChangeTip. These companies weeded through over 350 job seekers of all age group with a range of expertise.
Bitcoin industry is still an emerging industry and the difference between a big player and a startup in this domain is generally not more than a couple of years. The emergence of so many startups in this sector shows that Bitcoin is an attractive sector with potential for huge growth. At the same time, funding status of most of these companies indicates the faith of investors and financial houses in the Bitcoin sector. Both these are positive aspects for the Bitcoin industry, which can look for a positive outlook in the coming months.
These companies seemed to have thrown the corporate rulebook out of the window as they started looking for candidates who have the expertise to handle multiple functions in the company than are for one specific job designation. In a highly competitive sector like this, it makes perfect sense. They would rather have someone with great talent whom they can use whenever and wherever they want than have someone who is good at only one thing.
Even though there is a lot of “what-if”s associated with these companies, there are lot of excited, qualified job seekers who want to have a piece of the Bitcoin pie over job security and risk what conventional job-seekers usually look out for.
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In other words, we can easily conclude that the Bitcoin industry is full of people who defy common logic and conventions while being prepared to take huge risks. Is it for good or bad? Only the outcome will decide!
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