Bitcoin Miner Slips Away from Latest uTorrent Version

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Bitcoin Miner Slips Away from Latest uTorrent Version

In its last outing, popular torrent clint uTorrent was heavily criticized for secretly attaching a Bitcoin mining application in its update. However, the company seems to be trying to win back the trust of its lost followers, indicates their latest blogpost.
As per uTorrent’s latest note, it has re-released their much criticised version after cancelling their partnership with Epic Scale, the company that created the aforementioned Bitcoin miner. It reads:

“The Epic Scale Partner offer has been permanently suspended [from the new version]. This means that as long as you are downloading µTorrent directly from us, the Epic Scale partner offer will not appear.”

The company further requested users to download the new client only from their official website, They believe that some third party app providers might still be offering the same old Bitcoin mining-based version of uTorrent that Epic Scale offers.

Users Still Furious 

Without a doubt, even uTorrent’s pet users had disapproved of the company’s decision to secretly include a Bitcoin mining application, something that could have added additional costs to their electricity bills. There was also a section that defended the company for its open-source status, for it could hardly generate revenues in absence of such garbage apps.
Nonetheless, almost each and every uTorrent user showed his disappointment over the secrecy with which such apps were installed on their computers, without their permission. They even brought up older malware issues — like OpenCandy — that were once associated with the program. Such constant accusations literally rejected uTorrent as a whole, despite its wonderful tracker editing feature.
It would be difficult to say how uTorrent’s latest rebuild would help its attempts at improving public relations. But overall, the disappointing impression will at least stay for a few days until users move their thoughts to much more serious and graver Bitcoin scams.
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