Bitcoin Price Climbs, Surpasses $400

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Bitcoin Price Climbs, Surpasses $400

It’s almost refreshing to take a look at the bitcoin price charts today and see something we haven’t seen a whole lot of lately: a price climb.
If you’re following along at home, you probably noticed today that the price of bitcoin has surpassed $400 today. In fact, it’s gone us quite a bit higher than that. Taking a look at the Bitstamp chart (USD), we can see that the current price of bitcoin is about $414, up over 7 percent in the past twenty-four hours alone.
If we take a look at the three-day view, we’re up 13 percent. Over 24 percent in the past week alone. Not terribly bad.
Especially given that the price of this emerging digital currency has been down in the dumps over the past couple of weeks. We’re talking way down. Earlier this month, we hit the low of the past year when hundreds of thousands of bitcoins were sold off. One particular seller put in a sell order for nearly 30,000 bitcoins on a Sunday, driving the price down even further.
If there’s anything we can take a way from this, it’s that the bitcoin markets are as volatile as ever. But for now, it seems, things are picking up again.
This leaves most of us wondering: where do we go from here?
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