Bitcoin Price Currently at Around $270

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Bitcoin Price Currently at Around $270

Recently, digital currency enthusiasts were on a high as the bitcoin price jumped to around $300.  While the excitement was short-lived (bitcoin price has since fallen back down to about $270), we can use this little price splurge to realize that things never stay doomed forever.
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Bitcoin has been experiencing massive fluctuations over the past several weeks.  Everyone was waiting at the edge of their seats, wondering if and when the price would ever jump back up to something higher, larger, and ultimately more pleasing.  While $300 isn’t exactly the peak we were looking for, we can take this little moment of joy and come to the realization that perhaps the bitcoin market will in fact drive the price higher over time; that it will once again reach the high amounts we became so used to seeing in years such as 2013, and that maybe now we have a little something to hold over all the haters’ heads.
There were many over the recent period of fluctuation that were making the claims that bitcoin was dead, and that it would never recover and all who had invested their time, efforts, money and hopes into it were doomed to wander the earth for all eternity in a pit of darkness surrounded by fire and snakes… Okay, maybe not exactly that, but either way, there were doubters out there that seemed to take pride in the idea that their mistrust and dislike of bitcoin was finally being justified.
But it just goes to show you… Nothing stays down forever, and with enough time, the spectrum of anything and everything is bound to even itself out.
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