Bitcoin Service CoinJar Announces New iOS App Release!

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Bitcoin Service CoinJar Announces New iOS App Release!

CoinJar – the multi-device digital currency payment processing company – announced earlier this morning that it has released a new mobile app for iOS. The company, reportedly the largest CoinJar smallbitcoin company in Australia to date, has named the app the CoinJar touch, and suggests that its user-friendly interface should both increase speed and ease of use for bitcoin transactions – and in doing so, attract more fringe users to the space.
The act allows people who hold bitcoin accounts with the company to transfer BTC payments between one another instantly using a username system rather than the bitcoin address system, and also use the act of pay for goods and services in bitcoin in either Australian dollar or UK sterling (for a 2% transaction fee).
Head of marketing Samuel Tate Goudie had this to say about the new app:

We’re trying to get as many people as possible using bitcoin through CoinJar, not just getting existing bitcoin users, so we needed to humanise payments for all the consumers who don’t have a clue what bitcoin is.

A number of users have already experimented with the application. Initial reports so far have been that the actors seamless and quick to use, but there may still be room for improvement with regards to interface.
Are you a CoinJar user? Do you have the new app downloaded? Let us know how you think!
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