BTC-01: The World's First Concierge Bitcoin Liquidity Service

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BTC-01: The World's First Concierge Bitcoin Liquidity Service

Announced today: Binary Financial, in partnership with BitGo, announced a little something called BTC-01, a concierge bitcoin liquidity service designed for institutional clients and high net worth individuals.
BitGo will be the provider of the multi-signature wallet technology in addition to management tools of the BTC-01 service.
From today’s news release:
[blockquote style=”2″]As the first of its kind, BTC-01 aims to make Bitcoin accessible to new investors across the globe through high-touch service and best-in-class security. Binary Financial will use BitGo’s platform to manage its clients’ holdings and trade on their behalf while ensuring the security of the private keys in each multi-sig wallet.[/blockquote]
“The current process – and rationale – for buying and owning Bitcoin is similar to acquiring large amounts of physical gold. The logistics can be complex and risky. BTC-01 was created to give clients peace of mind when adding Bitcoin to large and diverse portfolios,” says Harry Yeh, co-creator of BTC-01 and Managing Partner of Binary Financial.
“In the past when Binary Financial received requests to purchase digital assets on our clients’ behalf we required our clients to provision their own wallets. By partnering with BitGo, we are able to use their multi-sig wallet platform to manage holdings for our clients, reducing the barriers to entry for new investors.”
BitGo CEO Will O’Brien adds, “The seemingly endless demand for Bitcoin is in part due to the endless possibilities that it creates.”
He continues, “We are glad to be associated with this innovative new service from Binary Financial that highlights the type of creativity that the market is capable of once they have the tools to operate within the parameters of complete security and a high degree of flexibility.”
For more information on the announcement, follow this link.
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