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Buying With Bitcoin At Now Cheaper

Buying with bitcoin at the biggest online retailer Amazon is not as simple a process as it could be. As the e-commerce platform has still been hesitating to directly support cryptocurrencypayments, customers have to use either various gift coupons or service like which serves mainly US customers. Now buyers also have the possibility to spend their bitcoins at the german branch

The austrian start-up company Coinimal says their service is fast and low-cost. There are no feescharged when buying vouchers. “We can achieve this efficiency thanks to a direct partnershipwith,” says Co-CEO Paul Klanschek. “Because this initiative is 100 percent in direct cooperation with, these are original vouchers and there are no additional charges at all.”

He confirms for CoinTelegraphCT r:  22:

“The service is offered at the market price of bitcoinCT r:  8. So if you want to exchange €100 worth of bitcoin to vouchers, you get €100 worth of vouchers. Thus the total percentage fee is 0%, no exchange rate fee and no service fee.”

Paul Klanschek, Co-CEO of Coinimal

With only an email address customers can purchase up to €5,000 of vouchers per day, which they can then spend themselves or send on to friends or family. There is a €25 minimum order, however, because Coinimal works directly with Amazon, any denomination can be purchased. Vouchers can be used to pay for part or all of a purchase, and once redeemed the unspent balance of a voucher remains as a credit on their account for next time.

Coinimal may find its niche market here as it seems there’s no serious competitor at the moment. “Purse is proud to serve all international amazon sites except We are excited to see that the new offering from Coinimal will serve Germany and help spread the wordabout bitcoin. We are in favor of anything that makes bitcoin more useful,” Thomas Hunt, acommunity manager at comments for

There are also payment services like enabling buying at big e-commerce sites withdigital currency, though fees are pretty high compared to Coinimal.
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