Chile Gets its First Full Fledged Bitcoin Exchange in SurBTC

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Chile Gets its First Full Fledged Bitcoin Exchange in SurBTC

There are hardly times when we use the word Chile and Bitcoin in a single sentence, probably because the country seems to always have lacked initiatives towards the digital currency sector. The wind however is changing direction with the launch of SurBTC, a Bitcoin exchange which lately began its operations on Chilean soil, eventually becoming the first full fledged organization in the country to be involved with the digital currency sector.
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Pesos for Bitcoin and Vice Versa

Following the launch, SurBTC is now providing Chile’s citizens an option to trade their Pesos with Bitcoin, and vice versa. As per the reports available on, the new Bitcoin startup has already added an interesting number of users to its platform, which also includes companies. For an exchange launched just a month ago, such reports surely promise an amplification in near future.
The news service also managed to obtain quotes from SurBTC CEO Guillermo Torrealba, the translated version of which is recited below:

“We feel that Bitcoin is among the only technologies that promises to transform the ways in which global finance industry operates. All this new science needs is responsible companies that offer products and services matched up to impeccable standards for both consumers and the industry itself. We, at SurBTC, feel genuinely inclines towards this philosophy and are therefore offering a very transparent and secure exchange, available at the disposal of Chilean entrepreneurs. They can simply connect with us, and customize their own solutions.”

The step is likely to boost the digital currency adoption in this untouched territory. In terms of Bitcoin, Chile has made the headlines only for a handful of Bitcoin initiatives, the most famous being a local project that were selling plots in exchange of the digital currency. The news however is two years old.
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