Coders: Win Your Share of $100,000 in Bitcoin!

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Coders: Win Your Share of $100,000 in Bitcoin!

Those familiar with torrents will undoubtedly be aware of – what was generally considered the king of the peer-to-peer space – Pirate Bay. Those familiar with Pirate Bay will also undoubtedly be familiar with the fact that the company was shut down during the latter half of last year. Further, those familiar with the shooting down of Pirate Bay will also be familiar with the process of trawling  the net  for a decent proxy. Cue has quickly become the go to proxy for wondering torrenters everywhere, having grown to more than 1 million users a day. Who runs the website? The team that brought us Isohunt. So why is this news in the bitcoin? Well, today, has announced that it is calling on the community to help develop and maintain the site, with a $100,000 prize fund being made available for those involved.
According to the team:

$100,000 for developing, are you ready for that?! Anyone can take part in the website development and moderation which will result in public recognition. Also addition to your pay check would be a nice surprise.

According to the publication, which you can read here, the prize money will be shared through a contest starting next month and paid exclusively in bitcoin. The developers that contributed to the top features will draw the funds. Interested in getting involved? Head on over to Github and make your contribution!
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