Coinbase Makes 'Instant' Bitcoin Buying Available in 26 Countries

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Coinbase Makes 'Instant' Bitcoin Buying Available in 26 Countries

Coinbase has announced customers across 26 countries can buy bitcoin “instantly” from today.
Previously, users could top up their accounts via bank transfer, however the exchange now supports 3D Secure credit and debit cards – having trialled the technology in the UK and Spain.
In a blog post, the company stated:

“Since credit and debit cards will not require a customer to pre-fund their Coinbase account with a bank transfer, customers can now receive bitcoin much faster.”

Visa’s 3D Secure protocol, which requires users to verify their identity via password, is supported by most banks in Europe. While instant, Coinbase will charge a 3% ‘convenience fee’ for the faster service.
Currently only Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards are accepted, while all purchases must be over £1, according to the company’s website.

More countries added

In conjunction with its instant buying rollout, Coinbase – which has raised $106m in VC funding to date – announced that bitcoin users in Liechtenstein and Slovenia can now buy and sell on its platform, though it users will use SEPA transfers, not its instant functionality.

The two new additions come as the exchange continues its march across Europe. The exchange, which began expanding in the region last September, has now made good on its pledge to service 30 countries by 2016.
In addition, the company has so far added 36 US states – the most recent being South Dakota yesterday.
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