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CoinDesk's BitLicense Report Now Available

New York’s BitLicense has made the headlines globally over the past two years and has blazed a trail for regulators across the world looking to oversee bitcoin activity.
CoinDesk’s latest research report, available from today, takes an in-depth look at the regulatory framework, including what it means for bitcoin’s future in the state, and beyond.
The 32-page document charts the progress of the NYDFS’ legislation – both groundbreaking and divisive – from its announcement, through two years of fact-finding and debate, to its completion.

BitLicense Report - A detailed look at New York's BitLicense
A must read for regulators, investors, lawyers and business leaders.

It also examines the motivations behind the BitLicense and its impact on companies in the space. Find out who has left the state, who has applied and who has now been granted a license.
Highlights include:

  • An overview of what the BitLicense is, who created it and why it was created.
  • A detailed summary of the first version of the BitLicense.
  • A look at reactions to the proposals from those within the bitcoin industry.
  • Information on the changes from version one of the BitLicense to version two and the final version.
  • Expert comment on the consequences of relevant companies not applying for a BitLicense.

CoinDesk Research

As the leading provider of news and analysis on the blockchain ecosystem, CoinDesk is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the issues shaping one of the most exciting emerging technologies around.
The BitLicense Report, the fourth in CoinDesk’s research series, follows the Cryptocurrency 2.0 and Who Really Uses Bitcoin? reports, and a primer on bitcoin’s legal status worldwide, the Bitcoin Regulation Report.
Like the Bitcoin Regulation Report, it offers insight from prominent leaders in the industry, including Marco Santori, leader of the Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology team at law firm Pillsbury Winthrop, and pundits Erik Voorhees and Jon Matonis.
Priced at $199, the BitLicense Report is available for purchase on CoinDesk’s research page. Bitcoin payments are supported.
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