Coinfloor Market – World’s First Broker Based Bitcoin Marketplace

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Coinfloor Market – World’s First Broker Based Bitcoin Marketplace

London’s biggest Bitcoin exchange Coinfloor has announced the launch of the world’ first exchange-backed Bitcoin marketplace – Coinfloor Market.
With Coinfloor Market, retail investors and consumers in the United Kingdom will be able to buy Bitcoin in a safe and secure environment. According to MarketWatch, Coinfloor recently met with UK’s top Bitcoin brokers to bring about this marketplace and to accelerate the mainstream adoption of this digital currency.
Coinfloor CEO, Mark Lamb said, “Our founding members are key to the success of Coinfloor Market. Just as the NYSE was committed to a decentralised network of brokers backed by a centralised exchange, Coinfloor is the first institution in the Bitcoin industry to mirror this proven model.
Coinfloor’s Simple Offering
Users interested in buying Bitcoin will be provided with a direct interface to a thoroughly screened Coinfloor Market Broker. Bitcoin buyers will be able to stream Bitcoin to Sterling conversion prices or vice versa directly from the Coinfloor Exchange.
Buyers needn’t worry about the storage and safety of their Bitcoin as Coinfloor provides custodianship service which is a 100% cold storage service encrypted with multiple layers of security keys in underground vaults.
Coinfloor Market’s professional broker Peter Wood aka y3peto said, “Coinfloor Market is now the most secure space to purchase Bitcoins. My customers want a fair price, a secure transaction and a safe place to store their Bitcoins. Coinfloor Market provides that and I’m looking forward to building my business here.
The company’s website mentions BitcoinUK, Coindispatch and fatguyslim as the other professional brokers. All these brokers have proven track records, impeccable reputations and are committed to maintaining a transparent and fair market.
About Coinfloor
Founded in early 2013 by Mark Lamb and veteran technologist Obi Nwosu, Coinfloor has rapidly accelerated its growth to become the world’s most liquid Pound Sterling to Bitcoin marketplace.
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