Contour Action Cameras Embraces Bitcoin

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Contour Action Cameras Embraces Bitcoin

Into filming your sports activities?
Utah-based Contour Action Cameras announced last week they would become one of the latest companies to embrace the bitcoin digital currency, signaling increasing merchant interest.
Bitcoin will be accepted for all cameras and accessories sold by the company, a move they say looks ahead to the future of payment processing as we know it.
“Contour is all about looking into the future, and seeing where technology will allow us to go. We love Bitcoin, as they are doing the same in the field of online payments,” said Contour chief executive James Harrison in a press statement. “Bitcoin has proven to be a major part in the current and future of online transactions.”
The company decided to enable bitcoin payments ahead of the Black Friday shopping holiday last week, and of course ahead of tomorrow’s Cyber Monday deals (which if you aren’t already aware is like the Black Friday of the web).
“For almost a decade, Contour has innovated in action cameras on features, design, and usability. Bitcoin is an obvious choice for companies to stay relevant in the future,” Mr. Harrison adds.
Contour product shot
Contour produces a number of low-profile cameras designed to be rugged, and they’re often found attached to individuals participating in extreme sports.
The company has indicated that they have teamed up with Atlanta-based BitPay to handle the transactions.
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