Draper University Launches a Free Online Bitcoin Course

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Draper University Launches a Free Online Bitcoin Course

Draper University — a Silicon Valley-based school for entrepreneurs (and also the brainchild of investor Timothy Draper) — has announced that they have teamed up with ZapChain in order to put together a free-of-charge course on bitcoin conducted online.
The idea is to get those with an interest in the digital currency educated in a mostly non-technical fashion, regardless of how much they do or do not currently know on the subject. It is also designed to illustrate its potential in the financial sector.
“The largest problem in the Bitcoin adoption world right now is education and this is the best Bitcoin education course online,” says Adam Draper, CEO of Boost — a start-up accelerator, and brother of Tim Draper. “It answers all the questions by giving access to the experts in the Bitcoin space, no one else has done this in a quality way.”
The online course is said to bring together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and engineers from Silicon Valley that are currently working in the bitcoin space. According to today’s announcement, “students will be exposed to a plethora of ideas regarding the Bitcoin protocol, its current and potential uses, and its ability to change the world as we know it.”
Matt Schlicht, co-founder of ZapChain (a bitcoin social network) said, “When I found out that Draper University was making a Bitcoin course, I knew ZapChain needed to get involved. Bitcoin is an amazing technology that can enable innovation in so many areas of the world and I’m very proud of what we have created. I can’t wait to see the new products created by people who take the Bitcoin Course.”

Draper’s interest in bitcoin

Tim Draper has been getting involved in a number of bitcoin-related projects lately. Not only did he purchase all of the Silk Road bitcoins that were up for auction earlier this year, but he’s invested in a number of bitcoin start-ups — including one we reported on today.
His Draper University also accepts bitcoins as a form of payment, so you call tell he’s got high hopes for this industry.
“The true bitcoin benefits only start to happen as the products from start ups around Bitcoin become generally available,” he told me last week in an email correspondence, which explains his keen interest in investing in the space.
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For those with interest in participating: the course will be launching on October 22nd, 2014. Users can gather more information on the project over at bitcoincourse.co.
Source : http://www.newsbtc.com/2014/10/06/draper-university-launches-free-online-bitcoin-course/

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