Family Goes on Vacation with Only Bitcoin as Funds

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Family Goes on Vacation with Only Bitcoin as Funds

A family of four from Texas is putting the existence of bitcoin to the test by using only the cryptocurrency to pay for their vacation expenses. John Bush and Catherine Bleish, along with their two children aged two and three, are heading to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States to host bitcoin educational events in the area.
The family will be riding a school-bus-turned-RV so they dubbed their adventure as the “Unconventional Bitcoin Bus Tour”, which is their third bitcoin-funded vacation in two years. They want to drum up interest in the cryptocurrency and introduce more people to how it functions.

Travel with Bitcoin

“When we travel on bitcoin,” said Bleish, “we inspire others to spend theirs, we introduce new people to the currency, and we help bitcoin merchants overcome glitches in their systems. This strengthens the network for us all.”
“We want to work out the kinks from the system so that people new to Bitcoin don’t meet with hardship when they use it for the first time,” added Bush.
Of course they already encountered a few challenges during their vacation. For instance, in New Hampshire they had to deal with difficulties in failed hotel reservations and a lost gift card. However, Bush maintained that they are willing to put themselves through the inconvenience in order to figure out how to improve the bitcoin ecosystem.
Bush and Bleish reiterated that there are several benefits to relying purely on bitcoin for travel, as this eliminates the need to carry plenty of cash or credit cards. “The problem with using credit cards and debit cards is that you have to give up your address and social security number with your bank accounts and these can be hacked and people’s identities can be stolen and have their money taken,” Bush explains.
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