GoCoin Introduces Email & SMS Billing Features

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GoCoin Introduces Email & SMS Billing Features

Digital currency payments processor GoCoin has introduced a click-to-bill feature today across its platform, which will allow merchants to more easily accepting digital currency payments from customers.
These merchants — many of whom operating brick and mortar retail shops — are now able to create invoices and make requests for payments via email or SMS from the GoCoin dashboard.
The company says that billing will also be enabled through the GoCoin API, aimed at the merchants who want to generate their own forms.
When it comes to SMS billing, the customer will receive the message with a link, which will allow them to view their bill.
Upon clicking the link, the customer’s bitcoin wallet will be launched where they’ll have to select their preferred digital currency. From there, they’ll be able to submit the payment.
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“Consumers are getting more accustomed to alternative forms of payment, and with SMS billing we’re helping merchants replicate the online experience with in-store commerce and account top-ups,” said Steve Beauregard, GoCoin CEO and co-founder.
Santa Monica, California-based GoCoin operates as one of the largest bitcoin payment processors in the sector, along with Coinbase and BitPay.
The company also deals with other digital currencies like litecoin and dogecoin.
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