How Android And IOS Apps Would Help In Promotion Of Bitcoin?

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How Android And IOS Apps Would Help In Promotion Of Bitcoin?

Everyone has at least one smartphone which can be used to download apps from the AppleStore or Google play for different reasons. Now with the spreading of Bitcoin we have witnessed apps that help us to pay for stuff we buy online and we call them bitcoinCT r:  8 wallets, also we have apps that show the funny side of bitcoin, finally there are more experts apps that make the life of a businessman easier and more productive.

Take the app called Bitcoin Business planner , whose goal is to provide all the best links to the world of digital mining. Larry Pantlin is the owner of Capstone Digital Mining.

He shared his opinion with CoinTelegraphCT r:  25:

“I would say having an app has done little for me in the way of traffic and clicks. Basically it is worth investing the time to build an app and a website but to be honest the best leads are in advertising on other bitcoin site like rotators to get the traffic.

For now i wouldn’t recommend an app, but a site is sure needed for all small business.”

Another expert, Michael Hlavacek, who is an app developer of the well known app Claim bitcoin, in the same matter has commented:

“I see a huge potential in Bitcoin apps. They help to introduce new people to the Bitcoin and make it more accessible to masses. If the ultimate goal  is to spread the global use of Bitcoin, this is the next logical step on the way.”

Claim Bitcoin App

Both apps can be used with smartphones.These apps are addictive, nice, and informative according  to the comments of users.

We have also sought an opinion from Gary Rowe Ceo from Bitcoin Solutions Ltd (Multibit) and his comments are:

“The mobile world revolves around the use of internet-connected apps and Bitcoin is essentially internet money. Any apps iOS or Android that successfully integrate Bitcoin into their service will increase the utility of bitcoin and help to spread its use throughout the world”

A businessman,  Panagiotis Alexandrakis, from the communication company Masterphone has given a full opinion on the matter, regarding the Bitcoin Maps and the apps that are out there.He is working as a sales and marketing manager at Masterphone.

In his opinion the bitcoin maps like Bitcoin World Map, Bitcoin Accepted Here, BitPages-Find Bitcoin, are the most useful tool in his work.

Bitcoin World Map, <a href=/tags/bitcoin-accepted class=tag target='_blank'>Bitcoin Accepted</a> Here, BitPages-Find Bitcoin

We spoke to him to hear his opinion on the matter:

“The obvious benefit is that they close the gap between the BTC owner and the BTC accepting places in order to spend BTC”.

In conclusion, as the matter is goes on and on, only one thing is certain:  Apps will be more interesting in the future and people’s needs will lead the way to better and more apps. More fun is the key!

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