Increased Liquidity on Bitcoin Exchanges, Thanks to AlphaPoint

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Increased Liquidity on Bitcoin Exchanges, Thanks to AlphaPoint

The challenge facing most bitcoin exchanges these days is that trading liquidity has been on a decline. This market factor is essential in seamless order execution, as higher liquidity guarantees that buy or sell orders are filled faster. On the other hand, low liquidity translates to delays in transaction execution, leading trades to get opened or closed at different market prices.
AlphaPoint, a bitcoin service provider based in New York, is aiming to address this liquidity problem among bitcoin exchanges. In countries where cryptocurrency trading isn’t popular yet, market liquidity is usually lower and AlphaPoint can offer services that enable startup entrepreneurs to start their bitcoin companies there.

Services for Bitcoin Exchanges

One of the services that AlphaPoint offers is its Exchange Remarketer, which makes use of a third-party exchange to match orders. When a customer buys bitcoin through a local exchange, the remarketer will immediately execute a corresponding sell order via a third-party bitcoin exchange. This way, smaller and newer bitcoin exchanges can have access to larger markets and take advantage of higher liquidity.
AlphaPoint can also connect to non-AlphaPoint exchanges, including ANX, Bitstamp, BTCChina, BTCE, and Cryptsy and to larger companies later on. This will pave the way for a pool of market volumes, enhancing liquidity in the overall industry. “In every place there is a fiat currency, there should be at least one digital currency exchange. We will help make that happen,” said AlphaPoint founder Joe Ventura.
Aside from that, AlphaPoint will also offer a white label Exchange Platform, which also comes with liquidity backing. The company is also drafting partnerships with at least eight bitcoin exchanges, including Bitfinex which is the world’s largest bitcoin exchange by volume.
Other digital currencies are also included in the mix, as AlphaPoint services are not limited to bitcoin. The company claims that they can customize and launch a new bitcoin exchange within 20 days.
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