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Barry Silbert’s India-based Bitcoin wallet service Unocoin has announced a partnership with online bus hiring service eTravelSmart which will allow users to pay for their tickets with Bitcoin.
Unocoin is India’s most popular Bitcoin wallet service and is fast grabbing the attention of India’s large customer base.
eTravelSmart Accepts Bitcoin
The bus hiring company announced its partnership with the Bitcoin payment processor following increased awareness among the consumers about the digital currency and its cost benefits and ease of use.
eTravelSmart believes that the Bitcoin ecosystem is in its expansion stage in India, and it is only convenient to tap the potential in its initial stages.
eTravelSmart’s optimism is not built merely on expectations. The company has already started selling bus tickets in exchange for Bitcoin and expects the sales to only go higher from here on.
The team at online bus hiring portal believes that frequent Bitcoin meetups will encourage increased use of the cryptocurrency among the masses.
Focus is on safety of consumer funds
The company realizes that the safety of the consumers’ funds is of paramount importance if they are to survive in this industry, which has been repeatedly hurt by numerous, timely scams. Therefore, the eTravelSmart team has selected only those companies that fully complied with India’s Bitcoin regulations, including KYC and AML.
eTravelSmart’s decision to accept Bitcoin in payments is one-of-a-kind for a transportation service. The company expects to gain a decisive edge with this adoption as Bitcoin gains traction in India.
In a nutshell, the company aims to provide the best service in the industry using the world’s most disruptive technological revolution of the decade.
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