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Microsoft Accepting Bitcoin in UK, Reportedly

Unconfirmed reports are indicating that Microsoft has started accepting Bitcoin payments at its UK-based online store.
The report first leaked on Reddit’s Bitcoin forum where a random user posted screenshots of Microsoft’s ‘Payment and Billing’ section. Much like the company’s US online store, Bitcoin was listed among the payment options in the aforesaid image. However, as we looked into the Microsoft’s publicly available‘Payment + Pricing’ page, there was no mention of Bitcoin. It only listed Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal as its default payment options.
Considering the best case scenario, it might be possible that Microsoft is in a process of upgrading their checkout process with Bitcoin payment options. While the worst case says that it is simply a rumour, circulated to help Bitcoin value surge a little in this current gravity-loving trading scenario.
But nothing could ever beat hopes. Microsoft has indeed proven itself as a true tech-giant that will adopt anything that promises potential for improving current technologies. Bitcoin is touted to be among such discoveries, improving upon the existing payment infrastructure. Thus, there would be no surprise if Microsoft starts accepting it in the UK, or throughout Europe.
I do want to quote this one fella from Reddit who said:

“Amusing thing is how the UK banks will react to this one [Microsoft-Bitcoin relationship]. Their standard policy of closing down UK business accounts who touch bitcoin may finally be highlighted. I believe most of the bank’s computer systems (terminals and ATMs) use this client’s OS so probably want to tread lightly.”

All we have to do now is sit tight. NewsBTC meanwhile will keep covering this story for more updates. Stay tuned!
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