Mike Tyson Knocks on the Bitcoin Industry’s Doors

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Mike Tyson Knocks on the Bitcoin Industry’s Doors

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion Michael Gerard Tyson, better known as Mike Tyson has decided to enter into the Bitcoin ring. Yesterday, Mike Tyson tweeted about his upcoming Bitcoin venture on Twitter.
Mike Tyson intends to outdo his fastest knock out in the boxing ring by 10 seconds with his new bitcoin ATM venture. His personal record for fastest knockout stands at 30 seconds where as his websitewww.MikeTysonBitcoin.com claims that the new bitcoin ATMs from his company can convert cash to bitcoin in less than 20 seconds.
Born on June 30, 1966 Mike Tyson has plenty of records under his belt. He is the youngest boxer to winWorld Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF)heavyweight titles when he was just over 20 years old. His impressive professional stats show that he won 50 of the total 58 fights he participated in. Out of those 50 fights, 44 were won by knocking the opponent out! He is also the only professional boxer to have fought and regained the WBC title after being stripped of it.
His antics inside and outside the boxing ring has earned him various nicknames including “The Baddest Man on the Planet”, “Kid Dynamite” and “Iron Mike”. Now the same person is preparing himself to take on the Bitcoin industry with Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM.
The information available on the Mike Tyson Bitcoin webpage suggests that Mike Tyson might have partnered with Bitcoin Direct LLC to start the new venture. Bitcoin Direct LLC has been involved in installation and servicing Bitcoin ATMs. While we would like to believe that Mike Tyson has ventured into the Bitcoin space, there is also the possibility of Bitcoin Direct LLC signing up Mike Tyson and licensing his name for their new range of bitcoin ATM machines. Slated to be launched next month, we will get our answers by then.
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