Minecraft Server Uses Bitcoin as In-Game Money, Educates Kids

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Minecraft Server Uses Bitcoin as In-Game Money, Educates Kids

There is no better way than using games to teach new stuff to kids. Try reading out Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper on Bitcoin to a kid and see the reaction. It is not going to work, but still it is essential to teach today’s kids about bitcoin and other digital currencies. Minecraft to the rescue! The most popular video game,Minecraft can now be used to teach children about digital currency.
A Minecraft game server by the name PlayMC has included bitcoin into its game environment, especially for children. It is not new for Minecraft world to have their own in-game currencies. Some game servers have their own virtual currencies while others use existing digital currencies (bitcoin or altcoins). PlayMC server has chosen to use bitcoin (more like small fractions of bitcoin) as in-game currency. The unit of currency inside the game is called “bit” which represents a satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin). A satoshi is part of a valid currency, at the same time the value associated with it is very less (almost negligible).
PlayMC’s Minecraft environment is designed to be child friendly so that kids can enjoy the game, earn some money and also spend it on in-game purchases for classes, additional game content etc. According to the company’s representatives, the number of children reaching out to them to understand more about bitcoin and digital currency has been high and their team is educating these children by addressing their queries and providing them links to other articles on the web which will help the children understand bitcoin better. PlayMC also has documentation made available on its site that explains the in-gameBitconomy in detail.
On the other hand, the same “bits” have another advantage – It influences creation of bitcoin economy. Unlike credit cards and bank accounts, children can have access to bitcoin accounts and they can learn how to use and manage money in the form of bitcoin.
PlayMC’s Minecraft allows children to handle in-game money and bitcoin as grown-ups while ensuring that they don’t misuse it.
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