Nakamoto’s: SF's First Bitcoin Retail Space Opens For Business

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Nakamoto’s: SF's First Bitcoin Retail Space Opens For Business

20Mission is a large co-working and co-living space in the center of San Francisco. For those that are not familiar with the space, it can be summed up as follows: a place where engineers, graphic designers, coders and individuals from a host of all walks of life meet, live, work and play. It plays host to tech entrepreneurs galore, and is a melting pot where many ideas and top start-ups are born –, the bitcoin gift card company being just one example in the digital currency space.20mission
It has hit the headlines today for another venture into the bitcoin world – namely Nakamoto’s. Nakamoto’s is a tech retail store with a difference. It is being billed as the first bitcoin retail space in San Francisco. Consumers can head on over to the store and pick up a range of electronic goods – Apple headphones, Amazon Kindles, Chromebooks and Jabra headphones to name but a few. But that’s not all.
The real selling point of Nakamoto’s – and the differentiator that will likely draw in custom – is its pricing. The shop is selling all its items at a minimum 10% discount to the price you would pay if you were to purchase the items with fiat. The ability to offer this discount derives from the company’s affiliation with the aforementioned
Andrew Lee, CEO of, had this to say:

It is a great way to onboard new users with goods and products that they can pick up and physically touch. We’ll have a BTM (Bitcoin ATM) on site so if you don’t have Bitcoin and only have cash you can purchase Bitcoin and take your discount on the spot.

As an interesting side point, funding for the store came from BTCJam. BTCJam is an increasingly popular peer-to-peer loan platform where digital currency enthusiasts can lend bitcoin to budding entrepreneurs as seed capital.
Have you checked out the store yet? Got any photos for us? Let us know!
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