Need Something More Anonymous Than Bitcoin? Try ShadowCash!

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Need Something More Anonymous Than Bitcoin? Try ShadowCash!

Very often, Bitcoin enthusiasts have complained that the blockchain-based, decentralized cryptocurrency is not as anonymous as was initially thought to be. Hence, a significant percentage of them are resorting to highly unconventional methods to make Bitcoin transactions more anonymous.
But in case, adopting such measures is not your thing, ShadowCash could prove to be the one-stop solution you have been looking for.
Shadow has been built using Bitcoin’s core principles of trustless decentralization and double-spend prevention to create the first truly anonymous, decentralized cryptocurrency. Shadow, which is the result of six months of R&D, has rolled out an e-cash system called ShadowCash which uses dual-key stealth addresses, traceable ring signatures, and non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs to provide untraceable and unlinkable transactions. The team working on The Shadow Project compares Bitcoin to the traceable mode of payments such as checks and credit cards.
Shadow has also unveiled a decentralized, encrypted, instant messaging system that keeps your conservations private – ShadowChat. The messages are encrypted by the proven AES-256-CBC algorithm and distributed between nodes in such a way as to prevent the recipients of messages from being inferred by assailants.
Another offering from Shadow is ShadowCore – an entire privacy-based platform which aims to establish an anonymous economy. Users will have complete freedom and privacy to transfer their ShadowCash in any way they want.
A critical component of the anonymous Shadow economy is ShadowMarket. ShadowMarket is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that enables users to trade items, communicate with others, and even trade currency on a completely anonymous basis. Currently in the development phase, ShadowMarket is scheduled for release in Q2 2015.
Wait, there is great news for traders as well! ShadowCash can be traded on popular exchanges such asCryptsy, Bittrex, ShapeShift, and Poloniex. On Cryptsy, ShadowCash (SDC) is trading at 0.0006185BTC.
More information about the project can be obtained here.
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