New Jersey Slated to Hold Hearing on Digital Currency

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New Jersey Slated to Hold Hearing on Digital Currency

Someone apparently told cryptocurrency to “go back to Jersey,” and the advice seems to have been taken.
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The New Jersey State Legislature is slated to hold a hearing on digital currency.  Among the topics to be discussed include safety and consumer protection, applications, the advantages of cryptocurrency and current regulation practices regarding usage.
Assembly Democratic spokesman Tom Hester explains how the idea to hold the hearing first came about:

“Chairman Coughlin wanted to do a hearing on digital currency because he realized that the role of digital currency is expanding in society and felt that the legislature should consider how to ensure New Jersey is prepared to deal with that ever expanding role.”

Some of the guests set to take part in the discussion are executive director of CoinCenter Jerry Brito; Robert Wilkins, the CEO of Ziftr; Quentin Page, who serves on the general counsel of Coinware, and blockchain global policy attorney Marco Santori.
Santori expressed his enthusiasm over the event and cited its importance in granting the world of digital currency greater recognition:

“This is a critical event in the course of the digital currency industry.  State Regulators have held official hearings before, like New York’s DFS on the BitLicense.  A state legislature, though, has yet to hold official hearings.  This will be important because, unlike state regulators, legislators have the power to create tax and other incentives to attract digital currency businesses to their state.  Regulators typically only have sticks, while legislators can offer carrots.  This could be a very good thing for the industry.”

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