PYC Installs Second Bitcoin ATM in Manhattan

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PYC Installs Second Bitcoin ATM in Manhattan

The island of Manhattan in New York City — populated with over 1.5 million individuals and countless more, aggressive birds that won’t hesitate to steal your lunch — has received it’s second bitcoin ATM.
Given that it’s New York City, it’s rather hard to believe it’s taken this long, and New Yorkers have the folks over at PYC to thank for the machine.
The first ATM, installed in the late summer at a jewelry store in West Village, made headlines even on major papers for the simply reason that it was the first known bitcoin ATM to hit Manhattan, but we’d expect this second launch to come with significantly less fanfare.
It’s installed at Crispín’s, a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen (10th Avenue and 52nd Street, for those in the area), which is apparently known for its homemade pasta, seafood, and other food items I don’t particularly care to list — mostly because I’m starving as I write this. I should also mention that they accept bitcoin.
A match made in Hell. Hell’s Kitchen.
Julio Cabrera of PYC says, “We’re very excited about this release. It’s never been easier to purchase bitcoin.”
Yes, indeed friends, it does seem as if it’s never easier to purchase bitcoin.
Unlike the first machine the company installed — made by Lamassu — PYC has gone with a SkyhookATM, which boasts the same buying ability as the Lamassu at a fraction of the cost.
Project Skyhook lists their unit cost at $999.
Skyhook at Crispins
I can’t say I’m a fan of the Skyhook’s appearance, but it’s there to do a job and not look pretty, after all. I think this might be something Skyhook addresses in future iterations.
With that said, the machine is ready to eat your fiat in exchange for digital currency, so help yourself.
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