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Say Hello to eBay's New Virtual Currency Section

Seems like everyone’s trying to get their hands in the crypto-currency pot today. eBay, America’s favorite auction site, has opened a virtual currency section (U.S. site).
This section is divided into three smaller sections: Mining contracts, miners, and currency.
As you can imagine, the mining contracts section looks like scam city — false hopes and empty promises — but who knows? Maybe it’s the real deal.
In the miners section there appears to be some actual legitimate mining rigs, of which includes devices from ButterflyLabs, KnCMiners, and Cointerra.
Finally, in the currency section you’ll find a slew of listings relating to bitcoin, litecoin, and yes friends, even dogecoin. Won’t be long until we start hearing the first stories of scam artists burning unsuspecting victims, I reckon.
Back in late 2013, eBay head honcho John Donahoe said he expected bitcoin to be a “very powerful thing“, so we’re not terrible surprised this section has been made available.
Alas, no opportunity to actually spend your bitcoins on the eBay site, however.
What do you think? Will you be shopping around?
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