Silicon Valley Bitcoin Job Fair to Take Place Next Week

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Silicon Valley Bitcoin Job Fair to Take Place Next Week

The Bitcoin Job Fair is set to take place in Sunnyvale, California by April 18 and is sponsored by bitcoin startup 21 Inc. The company joins other sponsors, namely BitPay, BitGo, ChangeTip, and ShapeShift in the annual event.
This event is produced by FinTech accelerator Plug and Play Tech Center and Coinality, a digital resource center. Last year’s Bitcoin Job Fair saw participants of over 30 startups and 400 attendees.

Bitcoin Job Fair Highlights

Plug and Play director Scott Robinson is expecting a larger audience this year, as the cryptocurrency has gained a stronger following in the past months even as bitcoin prices had been falling. The industry has encountered a lot of controversy, which he believes should spark more interest.
In particular, this year’s Bitcoin Job Fair would focus on the changes in the bitcoin industry, as more well-capitalized industry leaders are hoping to create more jobs related to the cryptocurrency sphere. “Last year, there was a larger emphasis on engineers and developers, I think this year it has widened,” Robinson explained. You see a lot more marketing and business development opportunities, because they can afford to pay somebody with those responsibilities.”
Coinality CEO Daniel Roseman mentioned that larger VC rounds are expected for this year’s event, which are mostly responsible for the increase in hiring in the industry.
21 Inc is seen as a secretive bitcoin startup company, as it has managed to $5m in 2013 as a bitcoin mining firm then raked in $116 million after disappearing from the limelight. The company has confirmed that it is currently hiring and seeking to expand its operations.
Robinson added that he has been contacted by larger financial market players for hiring opportunities in the bitcoin industry in order to better understand the technology of the cryptocurrency. He hinted that major companies are likely to participate in the Bitcoin Job Fair this year to look for potential employees.
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