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Sony Corporation Opens To Bitcoin

On March 17th 2016, Sony Corporation will finish judging all the projects presented at the Fintech Innovation Challenge 2016, organized by the Japan-based company itself alongside Matchi. The challenge aims to bring the best minds in banking and the world’s brilliant innovators together.

It was only a few days ago, in fact, that Sony Corporation announced the Fintech Innovation Challenge, a competition open to PoC (Proof of Concept) projects.

Sony will choose the winner that will continue their PoC project within the company.

Entertainment x Blockchain

The challenge categories are:

  • Web Bank Interaction for High Net Worth Individuals
  • Financial Services for Travellers
  • Entertainment x Blockchain
  • Educational/Financial Management Services for Youth
  • Client Engagement for the Underbanked /Underinvested
  • Super Smart Authentication

The explanation behind the Entertainment x Blockchain category is:

“Useful solutions related to film and music industries using Blockchain. Recommended focus areas are: content creation, equipment lease, crowdfunding, demand prediction, right management and ticket distribution”.

This is a great opportunity for Bitcoin technology. It is also evidence of the growing impact and diffusion of the blockchain.

Giacomo Zucco, CEO of BlockchainLAB, commented:

“We are glad to see companies like Sony get involved in this technological revolution. Here in Europe, where we have built, with BlockchainLAB, one of the gratest centers of excellence and expertise on the topic, we see a great interest coming mainly from banking and financial sector, but it is time for every industry, beyond the strictly financial field, to start exploring BitcoinCT r:  11 protocol and blockchain technologies, innovations on track to disrupt Fintech sector, but not just that.”

Giacomo Zucco, CEO of BlockchainLAB

Challenge Timeline:

  • Accepting Entries: 22nd January to 17th February
  • Validate Entries: 22nd February to 28th February
  • Entry Scoring : 29th February to 6th March
  • Shortlisting: 7th March
  • Judging: 8th March to 9th March
  • Announce Finalists: 10th March
  • Final Judging: 15th March to 17th March
  • Announce Winners: 18th March
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