Spells of Genesis to Design Blockchain-based Cards Weekly until Beta Launch

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Spells of Genesis to Design Blockchain-based Cards Weekly until Beta Launch

Spells of Genesis, one of the most highly anticipated arcade Games of 2015 developed by the popular game developer EverdreamSoft, has announced the release of two new partner cards and a series of blockchain-based arcade cards to keep its players interested until the launch of the platform’s final beta version. As a part of the initiative, Spells of Genesis will be announcing new trading cards each week, with distinctive characteristics and abilities.
Two weeks ago, Spells of Genesis released the Bearwhale Card (BEARWHALECD), which started at 80 BitCrystals per card for the first 10 cards and increase gradually every time more are purchased.


Spell of Genesis’ second partner project card for the same week was the LTBCARD, which represents the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network, a publishing platform created for content providers to present ideas and people involved with Cryptocurrency.
The LTB Cards will be issued as a limited series of blockchain-based trading cards and can be purchased with both BitCrystals and LTBCoin. The LTB Coins are not directly convertible on theShapeShift platform. However, users can purchase the coin on the Counterparty platform, as a user-defined asset created on the BitcoinCT r:  10 network.

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Designed exclusively for its partner firm Zaif, a popular Japanese bitcoin exchange, a thousand units of the ZAIFCARD have been issued and offered since October 15 at the initial price of 300 BitCrystals per card, which is worth around US$4.3 at today’s conversion rates.
As the sale progresses however, the value of the cards will increase for up to 1,200 BitCrystals per ZAIFCARD, 4 times higher than its initial price.

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In addition to its partner cards, the EverdreamSoft team will be launching new blockchain-based trading cards every week while completing the beta version of its Software. Heading towards the completion of Milestone 2, this will be the first time players will be able to actually use their cards within the Spells of Genesis Beta.
Spells of Genesis will also issue its limited series of blockchain-based trading cards. Ryo Fougere, game designer, illustrator, and animator will prepare exclusively for Spells of Genesis five limited series of blockchain-based trading cards and a special game level. Every week, SoG will release one of the cards.
The first card will be limited to 2,000 units, the second to 1,000 and so on. The first card namedXAJIBASILAAR (2,000 units) was sold at the initial price of 160 BitCrystals and is now available for 1,000 BitCrystals.


The second card XAJIJASPAAR (1000 units) went on sale on October 20 for 300 BitCrystals and is currently available at the price of 1,200 BitCrystals.
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