There's Now a Bitcoin ATM in Belgium

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There's Now a Bitcoin ATM in Belgium

Some day, bitcoin ATMs are likely to be ubiquitous. Until then, we’re having fund counting firsts, and today, we’re learning that there’s now a bitcoin ATM in Belgium.
Located in the Flemish region of the country in the city of Ghent, the ATM is installed at the Gameswap HQ store — and if you haven’t already guessed by the name, the store sells video games.
Filip Roose of Orillia — a bitcoin services company in the country — says the idea behind the ATM is to bring bitcoin out from obscurity.
[blockquote style=”2″]To bring it out of the obscure world, we’re trying something here with a machine so you can actually see and touch it, and it’s in the shop. Imagine that something goes wrong, all our contact details are here, so you can always get in touch the people that are behind the system.[/blockquote]
Bitcoin ATM Machine Ghent Belgium
The machine, rather simple looking, does as one would expect. Cash is inserted, and the user is prompted to scan his/her mobile device to specify which wallet address the bitcoins should be deposited into. From there, the transaction is completed.
Bitcoin ATMs have seemingly taken over the cryptocurrency world by storm over the past year, as users seek easier and more convenient ways to get their hands on the digital currency.
That convenience comes at a price, however. ATM operators make money by charging fees on each transaction, would could turn out to be a costly affair for the end user.
For more information on the launch of this particular bitcoin ATM, a video has been posted here. Hat tip to CryptoArticles.

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