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Bitcoin: The Self Securing Network (Op-Ed)
14/09/2015 0 933
While banks and investors look to the blockchain as a singular investment vehicle, they miss the fact that Bitcoin is not only the strongest distributed ledger in existence, but also resembles the ...
Ukraine May Soon Legalize Bitcoin
31/08/2015 0 917
Ukraine may soon legalize Bitcoin. The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) is seriously looking into the possibilities of implementing Bitcoin’s technology into the financial system according to Ukraine’s Bitcoin Foundation ...
Greece is planning to install 1000 Bitcoin ATMs
20/08/2015 0 1021
Greece to install 1000 bitcoin ATMs – Business Insider Greece is to receive 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs following a partnership between digital currency exchange BTCGreece and cryptocurrency service provider Cubits, according ...
Greece’s New 2-Way Bitcoin ATM Processed 20 Transactions in 1st Day
14/07/2015 0 1034
Greece’s New 2-Way Bitcoin ATM Processed 20 Transactions in 1st Day Bitchain, a Spanish bitcoin ATM, NFC and Card solutions provider and cryptocurrency counseling company, announced on July 11 that ...
Using Bitcoin To Send Money To Your Brother In Uganda Would Be Awesome, If It Actually Worked
11/06/2015 0 904
Earlier this week, many in the Bitcoin community got very excited about a short film that demonstrates a promising use for Bitcoin. Ronah, a Ugandan woman who emigrated to Brookline, ...
How Bitcoin Will End World Poverty
11/06/2015 0 918
William Blair partner Brian Singer explains how Bitcoin and block chain encryption has a greater ability to bring more of the world’s population out of poverty than anything we’ve seen ...
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