4 investing strategies for trading

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4 investing strategies for trading

According to Cryptopotato, traders can use the following 4 trading strategies when price drops:

1) Hodling (Holding)

This strategy used by the popular investor Jay Smith. Traders are waiting while price goes down because they believe that the market is fluctuating and will definitely be recovered and as a result they will be rewarded for trusting.

2) Buy low sell high

During the fall of cryptocurrency prices, many investors continue buying the currency at a lower price, choosing not to follow the panic traders who start selling the digital currency when price drops.

3) Do not put all of your hopes in single coin

Successful investors believe that it is impossible to accurately predict crypto prices, so it is recommended to diversify risks and invest in several currencies simultaneously.

4) Shorting

This is the method by which George Soros made nearly $ 1 billion profit. When the price decline is expected, traders borrow the currency at a lower price and sell pirce rises.

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