Technology Innovation and Blockchain Connection 2018 Global Blockchain Developer Conference is Coming Soon

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Technology Innovation and Blockchain Connection 2018 Global Blockchain Developer Conference is Coming Soon

In order to strengthen the communication and cooperation of various developers in the blockchain technology, improve the development of each developer community, and inject more power into the blockchain industry, the Satoshi Foundation and Bitkan will jointly organize 2018 Global Blockchain Developer Conference (GBDC).

GBDC will invite dozens of cryptocurrency communities, including BCH, ETH, EOS, and RSK, to participate in technical discussions and discuss the technological development trends of the cryptocurrency blockchain industry. In addition, more than ten digital currency exchanges and wallets, well-known investment institutions in the blockchain sector, top companies in the blockchain application industry, and representatives of the blockchain derivatives industry will also participate in the conference.

GBDC aims to break down the industrial barriers between various decentralized fields of blockchain research & development, application and investment, strengthen the links of blockchain related industries, and improve the ecology of the blockchain industry. The conference also invites the most valuable and representative development teams and project teams from around the world, hoping to build a case think tank and an open communication platform for the future of the global blockchain industry.

The conference will release the next stage development strategy of blockchain technology and will conduct a two-day discussion on seven major themes, including “Blockchain Development Trend”, “Blockchain Finance”, “Privacy Security”, “Smart Contract”, “POW”, “DAPP”, “Ecology Application”. GBDC will focus on promoting coordination and cooperation between industry entities.

The conference will delve into the future evolution and innovation of the core technologies of blockchain applications. Jiang Hui, technical director of the OKcoin Blockchain Engineering Institute, will deliver a speech entitled “Traditional Public Blockchain Breakthrough:OK Public Blockchain Technology Decryption”; Bitbox developer Gabriel Cardona will publish “Spedn: A high level smart contracts language for Bitcoin Cash”. In addition, Wu Jihan, founder of Bitmain, Roger Ver, founder of, and Amaury Sechet, developer of Bitcoin ABC, will also give a speech at the conference.

In addition, the organizer of the conference specially set up the token consumption session. A participant buys a conference ticket and will also get the event’s consumption token. The participating project parties can sell its project peripheral products. It is believed that both the participants and the project parties can experience the pleasure of the digital currency transaction.

The conference will be held from December 15th to December 17th at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East. There are 60 guest seats, 80 SVIP seats, 120 VIP seats and 500 ordinary seats. Participants are expected to include blockchain developers, blockchain investors, and digital currency enthusiasts.

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