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The World Digital Mining Summit is about to begin

TBILISI, GeorgiaAug. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s global cryptocurrency mining industry, China’s bitcoin network computing power takes the lead, accounting for half the total. However, with cryptocurrency mining gradually attracting the attention of other countries such as JapanVietnamRussia, the mining competition get fiercer, and the future direction of cryptocurrency mining becomes more uncertain. This results in a question: Where is the next breakthrough in global mining development?

All the answers are urgently sought to be announced by the top experts in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

On September 21-23, the World Digital Mining Summit 2018, hosted jointly by BITMAIN and BITKAN, will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia. This summit will gather 1,000 participants including: senior miners, mining machine manufacturers, mining pools and hashpower owners, to explore the development of cryptocurrency mining and the coming challenges and opportunities.

Among the keynote speakers:

Roger Ver, CEO,
Jason Zhuang, Project Director,
Lingchao Xu, Project Director, AntPool
Yuan Zhang, Co-founder,
Olsen Su, VHead of Global Mining Farm, Bitmain
Marco Streng, CEO and Co-founder, Genesis Mining
Sean Walsh, CEO, HyperBlock
Batyr Hydyrov, CEO and Founder, Uminers
Dmitry Ozersky, Managing Partner, Electro.Farm

You will get whole new insights of the cryptocurrency mining industry from the leading figures, as they conduct extensive exchanges and discussions around the latest topics of cryptocurrency mining.

I) Challenges and opportunities coexist as the billion dollar market await further exploration

With the transition of cryptocurrency mining from CPU era, GPU era, FPGU era to ASIC era, we have witnessed the evolution of mining machine chip generation. The strategic value of cryptocurrency mining has gone beyond imagination, and the global mining competition has formally entered a fiery stage. However, as the price of cryptocurrency keeps fluctuating, the market is still highly volatile, and the pressure to challenge the global cryptocurrency mining industry will continue to expand.

The cryptocurrency mining industry has now formed a market of 100 billion CNY around the world. The rise of large international players has gradually formed. This is an important turning point for the global cryptocurrency mining industry, and also an opportunity for cooperation among miners.

II) Strong communication and exchanges is the strongest pushing force for the global mining industry

The summit will bring together mining elites, as well as the influence of the organizers. Founded in 2013, Bitmain is the world’s leading company producing bitcoin mining machines, custom chips and operating mining pools. In August 2018, Bitmain received $1 billion in Pre-IPO financing and plans to build a $500 million blockchain data center and mining facility in Texas as part of its expansion into the US market.

Another co-organizer, BitKan, is one of the world’s leading service providers of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Since 2012, BitKan has provided stable industry information, real-time market, mining monitoring, wallet services and other functions to millions of global users. The new feature “K Site”, rolled out in 2018, is a content community vertical to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, tapping on BitKan’s global brand influence.

The summit is located in the capital of Georgia and the political, economic, cultural and educational center, Tbilisi. Georgia has become a regional leader in the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and the world’s first cryptocurrency terminal was born in Tbilisi, which provides Lari (Georgia legal tender) with the opportunity to exchange Bitcoin and Litecoin in Georgia. Under the joint efforts of many industries, this global mining summit will certainly have a whole new spark to it.

The market predicts that the cutting-edge innovation and competition in the mining industry will continue to heat up in the next few years. The global mining industry needs to be integrated and developed. The summit lasts for 3 days, and insights will be shared unreservedly to all participants. Industry experts will discuss the ways to attain breakthroughs and the new opportunities for industry development.

For more information, search “World Digital Mining Summit 2018” on Google or the click the link below.

Summit Name: World Digital Mining Summit 2018
Summit Time: September 21-23, 2018
Summit Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Summit Website:

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